A lunch of minestrone

A pOEM to Blog oR tWEET AFTER the First dayS MEET and gREET — OR — An Ode to 6 and a Half Thousand Views @ View Street

She eats soup of minestrone
Pencils for pleasure the odd poem
She should do stand-up comedy as well
Cause oft we were in stitches
While she pointed out the glitches
Out in to the frey we go
WIA’S from Endigo

To B or not to B

A long and fruitful day
Smiling faces on display
Each person was a beauty to behold
Interacting individuals
No copies here; only originals
For the the block-mode course, my heart, it has been sold

I sit a-blogging and a-tweeting
My mind has copped a beating
I think I’m going into overload
To do nothing but compose
Will bring me some repose
As I try to sort a hashtag from a handle

The moral here is hidden
But just as well I did, and
Leave the reader guessing for the meaning

For: ‘no hook, no suspense’
Some timely message well dispensed
Yet, chaos subtly creeps now from its chains

I am no laureate
No poem’s been published yet
There is time enough for my pen hand to practice
Bendigo provides the place
Inspiring authors hence make haste
@ The Good Life #2015 Writer’s Fest

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