Why us humans need to spend some time in the dark.

The human race as a whole is detrimentally unaware.

Quite honestly, we are terrible now a days! Yet this is not about negativity, nor placing blame, but acceptance. Lack of awareness is not our fault, as it is a behavior that has evolved through generations and generations of a conforming society. We inflict all this pain, turmoil, and hatred, and then turn the other cheek as if we have no idea what we have just done. It’s habitual.

The trouble with the human condition is our innate ability to believe blindly and wholeheartedly that we are good and pure beings, despite every action we make that contradicts such a theory. People are able and willing to see evil in everybody but themselves. This only allows us to continue to act without realization, leading evil to spread, and grow. We see everybody else as bad, on the other side of the glass. We can within milliseconds recognize others bad intentions and punish them with no single of guilt. Yet we are unable to admit to ourselves we could be just like those people, if not much worse.

We pay no attention to what we have caused because we have been conditioned to believe our hearts can not take it, we believe we could never be part of something so ugly. Yet we continue to break more and more laws, hearts, souls, and promises. And we never take responsibility for the wreckage, because acknowledgment of the terrible things we are capable of doing would be too painful and detrimental for our pure souls to bare.

You see, for years our society has evolved in a way that is extraordinarily negative yet nobody accepts it must change. We grow up hearing our parents talk about how pure and loving we are, how we are “special” and different from the rest. How we could never hurt a fly. We take that, bury it deep in our subconscious mind, and allow it to become us. So much later on, when we are 16, 19, 23 years old we can utilize this for self preservation. When we are selfish adolescents lying on the floor so fucked up off a bottle of over priced liquor, incoherently texting the person who used to unconditionally love us before we wiped the floor with their loyalty and trust, we can recall somebody saying how genuinely good we are.

Those people could never be wrong could they? Our parents, never. We must have just made a mistake, a one time slip of character. The udder disregard for human emotion you just displayed must be a momentary fluke… because we are good people, incapable of inflicting so much pain.

^ this is our most fatal hamartia. We raise our children to believe they are kind, pure, flawless creatures. Don’t believe me? C’mon…when was the last time you heard a parent bragging about their child say “Benjamin has the ability to make terrible decisions and hurt many people, but he also has the ability to change the world.” NEVER.

So when our children realize they are not acting like these angelic beings their parents believed them to be they make excuses and shatter their lives and characters all to hell without a second thought. All instead of just changing to be better. This is called Cognitive dissonance my friends. Defined as the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who’s actions are contradictory to their beliefs or values, it is an important evolutionary tool. It is meant to create change, yet modern humans take it as something they must hide, and pretend does not exist.

The false perception of ourselves creates the monsters we see plastered all over the news headlines, the people who kill masses, rip families apart, and create disaster that is turning our world unrecognizable. Monsters? No, people. They are people. Just like we are people. All people are capable of being monsters.

We are raised to think darkness is the problem with our world, when in fact our problem is our keen ability to ignore the existence of darkness inside each one of us.

We despise the idea of mistrust and broken loyalty, we sneer in disgust at those we see causing it. Yet we are the monsters. We are anatomically identical to the monsters, intellectually similar to the monsters, live among the monsters. We have created all that we hate.

There has to be some laughable irony in hiding from the monsters under the bed when in fact there is nothing under our mattresses besides old forgotten t shirts and tequila bottles collecting dust. The monsters sleep in the beds. Next to us, and inside of us.

How ironic it is to be afraid of yourself and not even know it…To be running from something that we are made of.

The point of all this you ask?

This is too important for the human race to ignore any longer. People need to stop allowing fear of something, anything seemingly terrifying, turn us into heartless and mindless beings who we will not recognize in years to come. We must stop allowing fear to transform us into exactly what we are afraid of.

So my dear humans, in conclusion…

Maybe instead we should raise our children to not be afraid of the dark. To believe that darkness is ok. For without it, light would be unrecognizable. Maybe we should tell them that not every thought they ever have will be selfless, altruistic, or worthy of pride, but what separates us from every other beast on the planet is our ability to accept and overcome our inevitable darkness, and choose the brighter parts of ourselves. And mostly, we should teach that evil is an idea, intangible unless acted upon. Evil is not irreversible, and the presence of darkness does not have to overshadow the presence of light.

Evil is not humanities problem. Darkness is not what we should be afraid of.

For the problem is not evil, but our fear of it. Life is indeed an ironic thing, and what you fear is what you usually become.

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