10 Questions to Ask a Housemate Before You Move in Together

May 8, 2017 by Jennifer Smith

1. Skydive? Shark cage diving? Or, bungee jumping?

Get your potential housemate comfortable and ask anything but a housing relevant question! It’s more likely they’ll feel comfortable around you and share more openly and honestly. It’ll help ease some of the jitters!

2. What are you studying? What’s your ultimate goal?

Let your future housemate feel comfortable enough to talk about themselves while learning about what drives them on the daily!

3. Are you an introvert, extrovert or both?

Learning about your housemates’ social tendencies can save a lot of tension in the months to come. Aligning yourself with the right mix of personality to match your own, will make for a better housing experience overall.

4. What’s your squad like?

Learning social habits gives you an idea of what your housemates’ days might be like. Do they plan on having guests over often or do they prefer cocooning into their rooms all day long?

5. What do you usually do on the weekends?

Find out if your future housemate likes to party, if they prefer chill weekends, or a little bit of both. Again, this can give you insight into what your own weekends could potentially look like.

6. Are you a clean or messy person?

Listen, no shame, we all have things that are EW! Just be honest about it with your future housemate so they can feel comfortable in sharing whether they are clean or messy.

7. How would you present an issue to your housemate?

You need to be sure your future housemate has the necessarily communication and conflict resolution skills to tackle issues that may arise in the house. Will you discuss it over text, sticky note or in person?

8. What are your thoughts on having overnight guests?

Adult sleep overs are fun — but not at the expense of others. Be sure your expectations are clear from the beginning to avoid problems or be prepared to make an extra cup of coffee!

9. What’s your schedule like?

This is a big question! This will give you insight into what your future housemate’s day looks like. Are they a night owl or early riser? Do they have a job? You can also find out if you will all be at home at the same or different times.

10. What would you like to know about me?

Great way to include your future housemate into the conversation and put the ball in their court! This is a two way street, not an awkward interview. Let them be part of the process and have fun!

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