Tackling Exclusionary Housing Policy in California

Affordable housing production policies must include complimentary solutions that address preservation and resident protection. Photo from © 2018 navalwiki.info.

The challenge will be to balance the legislature’s emphasis on housing production with other complementary policies — in other words, advancing “The 3 Ps” of Production, Preservation and Protection.

The Complexity of the Problem

Exclusionary Housing Policies: A History

Regional segregation was encouraged by massive Federal investment into the highway system, enacted shortly after the Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. Board of Education, mandating the desegregation of urban school districts.

Exclusionary Housing Policies Today

Solutions need to tackle the privileges that white suburban communities have gained through decades of exclusionary policies, without simultaneously triggering perverse outcomes that exacerbate the wealth inequities and displacement risks that marginalize so many other communities.

Addressing the Problem

Council of Community Housing Organizations

Written by

The Council of Community Housing Organizations (CCHO) Leading SF’s affordable housing movement since 1978,fighting for funding & policies to make SF affordable.

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