Creating an app with Rails API backend VueJS frontend.

Simon Cooper
May 8, 2018 · 7 min read

Your Rails App

$ rails new sandbox --api -d postgresql
/sandbox/config/initializers/cors.rbRails.application.config.middleware.insert_before 0, Rack::Cors do
allow do
origins '*'

resource '*',
headers: :any,
methods: [:get, :post, :put, :patch, :delete, :options, :head]
# Use Rack CORS for handling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), making cross-origin AJAX possiblegem 'rack-cors'
$ bundle install
$ rails db:create
$ rails generate scaffold Contacts name:string relationship:string
class CreateContacts < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.2]
def change
create_table :contacts do |t|
t.string :name
t.string :relationship
$ rails db:migrate
/sandbox/config/routes.rbRails.Application.routes.draw do
resources: contacts
render json: @contacts
$ rails console
2.4.0 :001 > Contact.create!(name: 'Simon', relationship: 'me')
$ rails server

Your VueJS App

$ npm install -g vue-cli
$ vue init webpack sandboxfront #or whatever name you wish 
$ npm run dev
$ npm install vue-router
import Vue from 'vue'
import Router from 'vue-router'
import Contacts from '@/components/Contacts' #add this line
Vue.use(Router)export default new Router ({
routes: [
path: '/',
name: 'HelloWorld',
component: 'HelloWorld'
{ #add these lines
path: '/contacts',
name: 'Contacts',
component: 'Contacts'
<div id="contacts">
<div v-for="(contact, index) in contacts" :key="">
<p>{{}} is my {{contact.relationship}}</p>
$ npm install axios
import axios from 'axios'
export default {
data() {
return {
contacts: [],
name: [],
relationship: [],
errors: []
created() {
.then(response => {
.this.contacts =
.catch(e => {

Simon Cooper

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Photographer. Hobbyist Developer. Digital Marketer. Fan of beards. Live in East London.

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