Help Pass Sentencing Reform in California

Two bills are headed for a vote in the State Assembly in the next two weeks that would reform sentencing enhancements. They both need a few more votes (from Democrats) to pass.

SB 180 (The Rise Act) would repeal the three-year sentence enhancement for certain prior drug convictions. These enhancements are cumulative and result in terribly long sentences for many people caught in the cycle of drugs and prison. Drugs are a public health problem and prison does nothing to solve the problem.

SB 620 is a common sense measure that would allow judges to strike gun enhancements from a sentence when they determine that is warranted. Gun enhancements, which are automatically applied when someone carries a gun during a crime, range from 3 to 20 years. Unbelievably, even judges don’t currently have the power to waive or reduce these excessive penalties.

Please check out the list below. If you or someone you know lives in these districts, call or email the Assemblymember immediately. Tell them to vote for these bills when they come to the floor this month. Tell them that mass incarceration does not make us safer, but instead ruins many lives, including the families of those who are incarcerated. It also costs the state billions of dollars.