Anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield deserves no attention

If you hear anyone trying to defend fraudster Andrew Wakefield and his anti-vaccine campaign, check the facts. I posted about the Tribeca Film Festival decision to pull this film, and the anti-vaxxers are out in full force. They claim that Wakefield was cleared in court. They cite other studies that support his claims. No, Wakefield has lost at least four times in courts. His research was found to be faked, so there’s no legitimate research that replicates his work. Are there risks associated with vaccines? Yes. But the proven risks of skipping them are much greater. Decisions like this need to be driven by facts and science. I feel for parents of children who have autism or other issues. I know they want answers. But hanging onto an idea that has no factual basis won’t help.

For reference, here’s a 2011 article by my friend Ivan Oransky that goes over Wakefield’s fraud pretty thoroughly, with plenty of links for more detail.

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