Clinton is still the best choice for president

Many of us have questions about the FBI director’s unusual letter released on Friday, and we need answers. However, there is nothing that could be in those emails that changes the fact that Donald Trump is unfit to be president. That is not just my opinion. Former national security and national intelligence directors, members of Republican and Democratic administrations, even one of the prosecutors who probed the Whitewater affair. And retired journalists.

I trust people who have worked inside the White House and listen to people who have worked in and around presidents of both parties. There’s a surprising unanimity among these people: Even if you don’t like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is dangerous and unfit to be president. And they back it up with plenty of facts to justify the concern. His willful rejection of Constitutional protections, his long history of ignoring laws himself, his abject refusal to distinguish between facts and fiction on everything from Russia to crime to how our government even works.

Here’s part of a message that a former colleague of mine shared with friends this evening. He was a White House reporter for decades, traveled with presidents and secretaries of state year after year. Now, he pledges to do everything he can to help Clinton win:

I’m a veteran and father of two daughters, and for those and so many other reasons — [Trump’s] racism, his bully boy swagger, his pathological lying to name just a few — Trump offends me to my very core. Imagining him occupying the same office as such giants as Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush makes me almost physically ill. While Hillary Clinton would not have been my first choice to be the country’s 45th president, to my mind she is the only choice.”

This has been an enlightening election season, and in very real terms, the future of our country is at stake. Democracy cannot survive if we elect a president who rejects the fundamental fairness or structure of the system.

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