Get to know the men and women that Trump says are your enemies

President Trump wants people to think that “the media” is the enemy, that “the media” does not tell “the truth.” What alarms me about this is that he is using not only the same tactics, but he is using almost the exact same language as Hitler and his henchmen did in the lead-up to World War 2.

And he is dead wrong.

Look at the facts.

Most journalists work very hard to get stories right. Those who earn their living as reporters take their jobs quite seriously, and take mistakes seriously, too. Those who get stories wrong rarely stay employed very long.

The truth is that journalists get their reward in seeing facts come to light. That’s why reporters often risk their lives to get difficult stories. And that’s why President Trump’s war on the media is so completely anti-American — it genuinely echoes what dictators did in Germany and elsewhere. Those who propelled Hitler to power in Germany used the term Lugenpresse, or “Lying Press” as one of their main rallying cries. What Trump did with his rally in Florida Saturday was literally right out of Hitler’s play book. I wish this was an exaggeration. Here’s a Washington Post article from a few months ago that goes into the details and history. It was written after some Trump supporters shouted “Lugenpresse” at reporters during a campaign rally last year:

I was a reporter for a long time, and I know that the media is far from perfect, but I also know that America is great because we have a free press. Think about what would have happened if we never knew the truth about the Vietnam War or Watergate? Or Monica Lewinsky?

Let’s also recognize that there are many people around the world who look up to our ideal of the free press as the model. And women and men put their lives on the line to get stories that they think are important.

Sadly, journalists die in the line of duty. Trump’s hate-spewing makes their jobs even more dangerous. Since 1992, 1,230 journalists have died while working. Before you nod your head in agreement with the president, take a minute to at least think about these people who died trying to get the facts for your morning news.

These women and men weren’t trying to take over a country or steal food or kill someone: They wanted information to share with you. Here are just a few.

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Journalists are #nottheenemy.