My latest thoughts about the presidential campaign

I know everyone is fixated on Secretary Clinton’s health, but let’s look at a few things that actually matter as we head into the last two months before the presidential election.

1) Trump says he’s given tens of millions to charity, but the Washington Post has amassed evidence that Trump hasn’t given away anything.

2) In an extraordinary comment, the CIA director called BS on Trump’s public comments about what was in his intelligence briefing.

3) There’s a lot of comment about Secretary Clinton’s “basket of deplorable” remark on Friday. Trump accused her today of running a “campaign of hate,” which is pretty remarkable on its face. But what’s more interesting are these two things: 1) Statistically, Clinton’s comment was accurate and 2) To further prove the point, Trump supporters all over the place- including self-declared white supremacist David Duke started proudly declaring themselves “deplorable.” Some even wore t-shirts with that label.

Meanwhile, GOP nominee Donald Trump declared today that Secretary Clinton is waging a “campaign of hate.” Interesting. Take a look at this compilation of Trump comments and see how his campaign holds up to that label. Here is one of my favorites:

Continuing his extraordinary coverage of Trump’s philanthropy (or absence of it,) the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold now has contacted more than 300 charities that Trump purportedly donated to — and NONE has received Trump money. Zero. Nada. He’s actually found that Trump billed charities for using his places for events. In a few cases, Trump channeled other people’s money, but not in large amounts, and nothing close to what he or his campaign has claimed publicly.

Other news: People around the world are alarmed by Trump’s comments Friday that he would start shooting at Iranian Navy boats “gesturing” at a U.S. destroyer. Shooting at a foreign navy is called an act of war.

On the other side, Secretary Clinton seems to be fine after taking it a bit easy following the episode yesterday. The conspiracy theories are astounding. Most of the claims are just pure BS. But really, we should be asking the questions that matter. She’s kept up a much more demanding schedule than Trump, and she’s got a great running mate. Let’s focus on the issues that matter now, ok?

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