Read this, then tell me you are OK with Trump’s coziness with Putin

When Putin or anyone else says they want to “talk about adoption,” they really are saying, “we want the United States to lift financial sanctions against Russia.

The Trump Family wants us to think that all of the meetings with Russian agents, bankers and related parties were simply to talk about “adoption” — humanitarian concern for vulnerable Russian children who need homes with American families willing to take care of them.

But that is just a ruse.

The reason that Americans cannot adopt children from Russia is because Russian leader Vladmir Putin banned American adoptions in retaliation for financial sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States in 2012. That was when the Magnitsky Act was overwhelmingly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.

While most of the news coverage was focusing on President Trump’s despicable performance at the Boy Scout Jamboree or his appalling claim that he can be “more presidential” than any president besides Abe Lincoln or his petulant bullying of his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the man who persuaded Congress to enact the Magnitsky Act, British financier Bill Browder, was testifying brefore the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of its probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Browder’s testimony lays out in great detail how Putin and his cronies arrested and ultimately murdered Browder’s attorney, Sergei Magnitsky, after Magnitsky uncovered mountains of evidence that Putin personally was directing theft of more than $230 million derived from Russian investments that Browder’s firm managed.

The Magnitsky Act limited the practice of Russian oligarchs, including Putin himself, of hiding assets in Western banks and other investments — including New York real estate. And that makes things much harder for Putin to hide his wealth, which is enormous, no matter what its source.

To understand the significance of all of this from a very personal perspective, read this testimony by Browder. It puts the assassinations ordered by Putin in perspective and explains why “adoption” is merely a convenient cover story for something far different. Putin wants to protect his gravy train, pure and simple.

Here’s Browder’s testimony:

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