Serious stuff: Trump really doesn’t act like a president

We are heading perilously down the road towards the authoritarian regime that we have feared. This week:

1) Border police demanded “papers” from passengers arriving from a domestic flight at JFK airport in New York. They don’t actually have authority to do this, unless Trump signed a secret order that we don’t know about yet.

2) The White House has begun to selectively exclude certain media outlets from public briefings. In the past, these decisions were never made by White House staff specifically to avoid the potential of political interference.

3) The president made a speech at CPAC that contained almost nothing that was true. Zero facts. The scariest part to me was that it was an attack on the “lying media” that could have come right out of the Goebbels scripts before Hitler murdered six million innocent Jews in Europe. Hitler rose to power on chants of “lying press” and got people to believe that only he could be trusted. Sound like anyone today?

4) Some of the enforcement actions this week are just mean. They seem to have no policy advancement rationale, just an effort to scare people and show force. Things like deceiving the Santa Cruz, California, police into cooperating with a federal raid thinking it was for drug enforcement only to learn later that it really was only an immigration raid or the horrible removal of a woman from a hospital where she was waiting for emergency surgery — serve no good purpose whatsoever.

5) Rescinding the guidance on bathroom rules for transgender individuals also serves little good, especially since it goes directly opposite the data and evidence that the Trump administration claims it wants to respond to.

6) There also is further evidence that Trump has some serious conflicts of interest that are being hidden. The White House has effectively confirmed that it tried to get the FBI to squelch stories about Trump’s ties to Russia, which it refused to do. That is what got Nixon into trouble. Remember the Watergate cover up? Now, Trump wants an investigation of how word of that investigation got out, while he continues to try hiding that there’s a problem there. Let’s not lose sight of the real story.

7) there’s also evidence that Trump has possibly a $50 million mystery debt tied to an asset perhaps in Chicago. Because he won’t release his tax returns like he promised he would, we don’t know the details. Maybe this is why he is so cheery towards Vladimir Putin? We should know. And it’s long past the time for the GOP Congress to really start asking serious questions.

Remember, don’t focus so much on what Trump or the White House tell us — or even what the top stories on the news may be. The real news may be behind the headlines. Look for what’s really important, and don’t let a day go by without looking, and taking action.

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