I took a pill in Ibiza (SeeB Remix)/Mike Posner/#nowplaying

Catchy electropop remix to segue into the weekend.

It says a lot about a song when you think the singer is Ellie Goulding and you remember the lyrics wrong (I met a girl/drove a car/flew a plane in Ibiza). In fact, I ended up spending two days using those search terms to look for what turned out to be a remix of a Mike Posner song. The original version of “I took a Pill in Ibiza” was controversial at release because of the references to getting high on Ecstasy. It is, however, completely unmemorable.

What sticks is the remix by Norwegian remix duo SeeB.

The remix has a mellow, atmospheric intro that transitions into a catchy pop-synth riff, making this a good track to listen to while having a drink with your BFFs before hitting the clubs.

Ignore the lyrics, or substitute them with your own angsty post party woes and just immerse yourself in the shiny, laid back techno beats.

Worth a listen before getting to the really good stuff.

i took a pill in ibiza to show Avicii i was cool