Locked and loaded but nothing to shoot?

3 easy DIY photography projects for a rainy day

A couple of years ago, I realized I enjoyed photography more as a creative outlet and less for keeping memories. I gifted myself a compact DSLR, a Samsung NX mini to encourage more photography while on the go.

Any creativity is good creativity.

Travel was a major part of my life at that time. I was never short of beautiful places and breathtaking things to photograph. Now, I have a more routine job that keeps me land-bound and locked to a desk and chair. What can I do with my little camera?

I derive great joy setting up these DIY home photography projects for that lazy rainy day at home. My personal favorite is anything coffee!

Food Art: Fine art food trends range from images of prep-time, plated dishes, or laid out tables. Sliced fruit on a light box for macros is an interesting take on the genre. Doubles up as stock pictures for recipes and desktop wallpapers as well.

Make Bokeh: Derived from the Japanese word boke (ボケ ), which means “ blur “ or “ haze “, it’s a popular photography trend requiring minimal setup. I found this beginner’s tutorial on bokeh photography that’s easy and gives delightful results.

Rain on windows: (Best use of a rainy day!) I love these as my smartphone wallpapers. Plain backgrounds go well for minimalistic macros. Use backgrounds or lights at night to blend bokeh with raindrops for a surreal effect. If you like using a smartphone as a primary camera, I found some cool tips for shooting in the rain here.

Images from Pexels

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