This year’s tax season will be a doozy. The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” enacted in 2017, was the largest overhaul in decades, changing everything from income-tax rates to mortgage-interest deductions. According to The Wall Street Journal, the first tax filings affected by the new law got off to a slower start than they did last year, signaling filers’ deliberation while navigating the changes. And many early filers are scratching their heads at smaller-than-expected tax returns, due to changes the IRS made last year to income-tax withholding tables.

Might this signal a wave of delayed filers in 2019? Or have…

In 2011, the idea of Americans eating plant-based burger “meat” seemed like a longshot. But the creators of the Impossible Burger, a vegan alternative, bet they could win over American palates by engineering a substitute burger that bleeds and sizzles like the real thing.

With nearly $400 million secured in funding, expansion to major chains, and a recent green light from the FDA on its key ingredient soy leghemoglobin, the Impossible Burger has reached mainstream acclaim unlike any alternative meat before it. The response on Yelp matches the growing popularity:

“It’s perfectly textured with a taste that is impossible to…

Samuel Hansen

Data Scientist at Yelp

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