Libpostal is more forgiving on street names/POI names, but for city names and other toponyms we…
Al Barrentine

Thanks for your answer. I’m just impressed how much work and knowhow you must have invested already into libpostal.

Yes, I’m also interested in handling spelling mistakes of place names like “New Yrok”. What I’m really after is competing with G* with a geocoder/geonames service, dedicated to postal address + place names + POI search.

You mentioned that “users are welcome to add their own spelling correction — it’s simple to use our training data to compute the dictionaries”. So you expect a dictionary (=data) which contains all expected spelling errors — like “New Yrok”, pointing to “New York”?

Regarding my examples you guessed it’s about city prefixes. Actually, it’s rather about alternate (local) POI names: Badi/Seebad/Strandbad = swimming bath/sea swimming bath/beach swimming bath: See .

That’s also related to my previous question on Twitter when I asked about “Q Zurich” ( ) expecting users searching for [Club Q Zürich] or [Nightclub Q Zurich]…

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