The Art of Boredom — an Unrecognized Fount of Creativity
Grant Faulkner

A group of us had lunch yesterday in a restaurant that doesn’t allow devices at the table. (It’s a private club, so they can do this.) It was interesting to me how many times I was tempted to pull out my phone—either during a lull in the conversation or when I wanted to search the answer to a question that had come up. We survived, even without quickly finding out how old Bernie Sanders is or exactly when the whole Kesha thing blew up. The conversations continued, the lulls came and went, and it all felt very natural, even the occasional seemingly awkward moment of silence. Thanks for your essay, Grant. It may—just may—prompt me to pay more attention to what’s going on around me, as I stand in line, walk the dog and otherwise live my life.

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