Don’t be Millennial Talia Jane: 9 Ways to Make it in an Expensive City on Minimum Wage
Chris M. Hooker

In a sea of thinkpieces and commentaries that have been written in the wake of Talia’s piece about whether she was right or wrong, an entitled Millennial or an oppressed working-class hero, this is the first article I’ve read that took the approach of actually suggesting possible solutions to address her plight. This is what effective mentors do, and no doubt (or at least, hopefully) your MBA studies are exposing you to similar mentors. I appreciate that you have provided a refreshing response here that might actually help Talia (and others like her) to overcome these challenges in life and view them as opportunities to learn and build character and resolve, rather than using your platform to grandstand your hot take on the situation. This post has real value. Well done.

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