Social Impact Experiences @ Airbnb with SF+Acumen

Kerry Rodgers addressing the attendees at the Airbnb HQ

In March 2017, SF+Acumen was thrilled to partner with Airbnb on an event showcasing their new Social Impact Experiences platform. This innovative tool can be used by hosts to share fun and creative opportunities for locals and visitors to connect. Proceeds from these events go directly to vetted nonprofits. The Social Impact Experiences platform comes with perfect timing, in a day and age where we are all being inspired to be civically engaged.

That evening, on the 3rd floor of a beautifully designed space at Airbnb HQ, three panelists told us their story. Jack Beck has a history working with LGBTQ organizations over the past 10 years. He is currently the director of TurnOut, a local nonprofit that works to connect volunteers with LGBTQ causes. His social impact experience focuses on a bike ride, and historical overview of the LGBTQ narrative in San Francisco. Priya Kothari, who serves as an advisor to organizations with social mission on their impact, tours the Tenderloin and hosts a volunteer session at St. Anthony’s. Jessmin Sage, an international sustainable tourism specialist with experience in planning, developing, and managing innovative travel programs across Latin America, Africa, and Asia, provided the Airbnb perspective on the logistics of the program. Kerry Rodgers, who was the lead organizer at Airbnb for the event, and is a Social Impact consultant on the team, emphasized that experiences can span almost any activity including outdoor activities, dining and improve theater.

What we learned that night, is that it’s possible for anyone to make a difference and get involved. If you don’t have an organization in mind, you can work with Airbnb staff to determine a local nonprofit to receive your donations. SF+Acumen will be continuing to partner with Airbnb to host design focused workshops on planning your own social impact experiences. Stay tuned!