OCII Statement on the California Department of Public Health’s (“CDPH”) Hunters Point Shipyard Parcel A-1 Survey Progress Update

On July 16, 2018, CDPH began a health and safety radiological scan of the Hunters Point Shipyard Parcel A-1. During the first 7-weeks of testing, CDPH detected several anomalies; all were determined to be naturally occurring potassium 40, a safe, non-hazardous element that is typical of what is found in neighborhoods, as well as in plants, animals and our bodies.

Deck Marker Found at Hunters Point Shipyard

During the eighth week of testing CDPH detected a different anomaly than those previously detected while testing in a fenced off, inaccessible, unoccupied area at the bottom of a sloped area near the corner of Galvez and Donahue Streets. CDPH, working with the Navy determined the anomaly to be a radioluminescent deck marker located 10 1/2 inches below the surface. The Navy has removed the item. No radiation above background was found in the soil surrounding the deck marker. CDPH has determined that the item at that location posed no health or safety risk to residents, tenants, workers, or visitors of the Shipyard.

CDPH has conducted radiation scans of over 90% of all the accessible open areas, including all of the streets, parks and open spaces, and the common areas on Parcel A-1. All results available to date show that all the surveyed areas are safe and pose no health or safety hazard to residents, tenants, workers, or visitors of the Shipyard. The areas of Parcel A-1 not yet scanned, including those that are currently under vertical construction are scheduled to be scanned in the coming weeks.

For more information and to track the progress of the scan, go to www.cdph.ca.gov

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