House Negroes, Sit Down: Understanding Ben Carson and the League of Uncle Toms/ House Negroes

On August 17, 2017, writer and Senior Editor at the Michigan Chronicle, Keith A. Owens, wrote a piece in which he called Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary, Ben Carson, a “House Negro.” Actually, his exact words were slightly different. In the piece, he awarded Carson the “House Negro of the Year” award for his continued defense of Donald Trump. Carson famously came to the defense of Trump after the White Supremacist in Chief attempted to defend the actions of Neo Nazi’s in Charlottesville, Virginia. While Uncle Ben decided not to respond to Owen’s claim, another House Negro, Herman Cain took it as a moment to stand with his fellow “sunken place negro,” and write a response titled, “House Negro’s Stand Up.”

In the piece, Cain proudly takes the title of “House Negro” and claims that it is “One of the names you are called when you are a success at something, and do not buy into Black Groupthink.” Along with the empowerment of aggressive racist, the Trump era has created a safe space for problematic negro’s like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Paris Denard, and others, it’s time we called them out before they poison the well of justice.

But what is a House Negro( Or Uncle Tom)? That’s pretty simple, they are African Americans that put their support behind Trump or other racist white people/institutions. When confronted for their decision, or political stance, they will pander with arguments about “wanting to empower our communities,” or empty words about the “benefits of Republican conservatism.” If that fails, they will attempt to gaslight or divert with talking points that mention how “Racist the Democratic Party is” (They are). In the fight against white supremacist, many of these deceitful negroes have been allowed to prosper, going unchecked as they walk through our communities with shiny suits, big words, and the garbage known as respectability politics.

Now that we know who they are, how did these sisters and brothers of ours get so lost? Well, that’s complicated. While there are many African Americans who take on the role of House Negroes to build their bank accounts and brands on the coattails of racism, most House Negroes, are people experiencing deep trauma.

African Americans have spent their entire existence in this country fighting the institutions of racism. Whether it was the nightmare of slavery, the apartheid Jim Crow era, or the current struggle against “All Lives Matter” and “I don’t see color.” We have been forced to be in a perpetual state of “coping.” While everyone chooses how to deal with this constant conflict in different ways, House Negroes chose to buy in to whiteness. Creating something I like to call Racial Stockholm Syndrome.

Racial Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. In Racial Stockholm Syndrome, the enslaved person grows a psychological alliance with the master, as a mechanism to protect themselves from the institutions of racism. In this iteration, the United States of America is the place of captivity, and Uncle Toms are the victims protecting themselves by aligning with the same people that aim to destroy them. This behavior branches out into other components of trauma, including victim blaming, self hate and resentment. The ultimate goal of the House Negro is to survive — despite the climate of oppression for the people who carry his same plight.

Sad right? Yeah, I know. However, do not let this diagnosing lull you into thinking they are simply victims. The House Negro is just as dangerous as any white supremacist, or member of Congress. You could even make an argument that they are worse. While most of us are hip to the policies of Republicans, and other such racist institutions, we expect the poison to come from an angry white man with “American Values” not our Uncle Ben. This ignorance has led to our current circumstances.

They thrive off of our indifference to them, we turn the other cheek as they draw themselves closer to whiteness. Working as an agent for white supremacy, whose sole mission is to reassure the white establishment of their inherent goodness. They shame black girls and boys for existing. Telling them that the solution to their problems is to “Pull their Pants up.” They use their oratory skills to weave beautiful lies about a prosperous future, If only more blacks could support the people that aim to oppress them. They are the smiling devil in a nice suit. They come to you with goodwill, and food for thought, never informing you that their food is laced with poison. And when you succumb to that poison, they will find a way to make it about your “Lack of Values” or “laziness.”

House Negros are not your friends, they are not someone who has been “Successful” and is now hated for it, they are not an “open minded people” who just happens to look at things differently, they are snakes. Give them no platform, trust them with no leadership, and get them away from our institutions. The time has come for the House Negroes of the world to sit Down.

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