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We are happy to announce that the SG-1 Team is now also offering staking services on the #Kava blockchain!

Kava’s mission is to bring high-end DeFi Smart Contracts to blockchains — featuring lending, minting USDX on CDP and more features to come. Kava is built on the Cosmos SDK and therefore can profit from the networking and security tools the Cosmos SDK brings. From the beginning Kava has started building DeFi Smart Contracts and have been very successful in doing so.

Having earned the Binance Launchpad Project of the Year 2020 and working closely together with Binance, Cosmos Stargate and…

We are announcing our new validator node in the Cosmos / Tendermint ecosystem. It has been a secret for the last time, but the secret is now being revealed!

You can now delegate to us on the #Secret Network!

With a competitive 5% commission fee and 100% Soft Slash protection!

Address: secretvaloper16p3vgawu8vpfd74l7lx78cap2jhq4ql4gf0kew

You can make gains up to 50% from delegating to our validator!

Use Ledger: Link
Find us on an explorer: Link

As the Stargate is being rolled up — the infrastructure around being laid out, the base being built, the SG-1 team is preparing for traveling among the stars.

As the Stargate Commando SG-1 travelled different universes, met incredible new races, technologies and adventures. The Cosmos Stargate SG-1 will explore the Cosmos, new technologies and find adventures with innovation and software.

We are the digital SG-1 team. Today is the starting day of our adventure to explore the Cosmos.


The digial SG-1 Team — — dedicate to exploring Cosmos. We are Validator, Developer, Researcher, Explorer

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