This is what happens when your friends take over your calendar for a week

Stephan Gabler
Apr 30, 2018 · 5 min read
As you can see, my calendar was full of quirky, interesting happenings. A week full of superdays.

Why do we need superdays?

The creation of superdays

Almost 14 hours of events per day
Swing dance busking at Alexanderplatz in Berlin -> Quite a challenge
The task was to re-create my house in Berlin in Second Life. I was such a noob and got stuck in bed with a parrot attached to my forehead
Building a new bed when the first event of that day was ‘wake and bake’ in a video chat with your girlfriend -> Haaaard!
Horseback riding and cuddling of a horse-sized dog!
One for my favorites. I had to find someone with the same name as I on Facebook, reenact their profile picture and then befriend them. It freaks them out!

The Superdays

More than 50km all over Berlin, and that was just the first day! (Note the 1.8km in a swan styled boat)

Stephan Gabler

Written by

I like curiosity, dancing, friends, lakes, monkeys and a few other things…

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