Good Night 2018

January 6th 2018

SUB ZERO- Finger frosting, toe numbing cold. “Let’s shoot outside.” Nuh-Uh-never again, Worth it?! Definitely! We started 2018 with a shoot for Beachy Media- Representing Oiselle and Allie Kieffer! 2017, 5th place finish for the NYC Marathon and what a way to start the year!

Oh, and a super cool wedding the same day!

Meanwhile in Miami…

Every January we have the good fortune to escape the Buffalo permafrost for a week in South Beach FL. 2018 was no exception!

A quick note here. I have known KC and Gail Kratt (above)for about 20 years. It all starts here! KC works for just about every major player in town. His work is stellar! S-T-E-L-L-A-R! He introduced me to ASMP, and just about every other organization and player I work with. I still work with KC and secretly want to be him when I grow up. LINK HERE

January 16th- Off to FSE, to visit my buddy Stephen Crescenzo for some high volume product photography in Boston MA!

February 13th-Back Home in Buffalo I had the opportunity to work with Darryl Cooling from Crowley Webb and Rodriguez Construction!

March 1st, a quick lay over for some fun in VT!

I work with and for a lot of insanely gifted-driven-skilled-artful photographers. Scott Gable (above) is one of them. Scott is constantly pushing himself to have as much fun as his budget, body, and intellect will afford him. His work is beautiful, he’s super laid back, and one of the coolest people I’ve ever known! Ck it out!

I got into photography because I love the magic of making images, and being in great places like above, Calspan Crash Test Site.. Yeah.. pretty cool!

This next section is a series of amazing people/photographers that have helped me out in 2018.

A word about ASMP, “American Society of Media Photographers.” I am the Chapter president for Western New York, and we rolled out some pretty rad programing in 2018!

First, these two guys(Clay Patrick McBride & David Turner)are literally rock stars of the industry and I was afforded the opportunity to get some feedback from them because of this organization.

Second, I got to see the networking and communal aspect of the organization in my new friendship with these two amazing humans! (Katheryn Freidman & Greg Addo)

A quick stop @ Graceland! And moving On..

I hustled. I got lucky. Right place, right time? And BAM! Now I work for Buffalo Spree Magazine!

A couple of things here.

  1. Above is Erie County Legislator, April Baskin.
  2. This job keeps my teeth sharp, my wits about me, and my creative juices ALWAYS flowing. I am very grateful for this!

This next series of images is a cull of some of the amazing people I have had the chance to photograph over the last few months.. and go!

Moving on.. for now.. oh wait.. a quick stop in Lake Cuomo-Venice-Praha

Ok.. Back to work.. I second shoot for an RIT grad-badass-Buffalo/trend/travel savvy photographer, Erica Eichelkraut Zilbauer of City Lights Photography. She has been there with advise, an ear to bend, and has truly helped me grow over the last five seasons by trusting me with her clients and encouraging me to keep pushing!

This brings me to weddings. I didn’t start off as a wedding photographer. As mentioned before, I started out just wanting to be “IN” photography. Weddings have been another angle to do that. In the process I have been forced to read people, know my gear, and make decisions on the fly. QUICKLY PLEASE! 2018 was no exception.

We have been working with Jennifer Parker of Parker Communications for a few years now and they are always exciting local projects. This year we happened to photograph Davielle Jackson of Femi Secrets. It was an honor to be witness to a star as she is a 43 North awardee and received a continuing grant to start full scale production right here in Buffalo!

Mel Brooks says, “The Key to staying married is don’t get divorced.” Hymm.. easy peasy huh.. Well… 14 years later she’s still here. She won’t leave! I’ve tried. I think its because I’m a decent cook, and buy her used Louboutin’s occasionally. Yeah Thats It.. Thats why she stays.. Love You BOO!

My Rock! “The Suit”

The Departed: Jennifer Lynn Leone May 31st 1985-October 19th 2018.

Madeline K. Scheur April 29th 1992-February 20th 2018 (photo credit unknown)

Stephen William Gabris March 1st 1954-July 30th 2018

Thank you for the time we had. I love and miss you all.

~Oh, and me. Well. There were some ups and downs this crazy year. My pop died of stage 4 lung cancer. I took several trips all over this country, and one across the pond. “The highs are never as low as the lows,” I’m just hanging on for the next 250th of a second, and a peek at fleeting glimmer of awe.

That’s what 2018 looked like… ~Steve