The Future of Video Games: Will Mobile Games Replace Consoles?

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3 min readAug 8, 2018

Legendary Japanese game developer, Konami, recently announced that its main platform would be primarily dedicated to mobile games. Gasp! This revelation created huge shockwaves among fans but considering that smartphone games dominated global gaming revenues in 2017 is this news really so surprising?

Smartphone technologies are improving at a tremendously fast rate but the question is — does the mobile gaming industry have what it takes to surpass the undeniable popularity of gaming consoles in the long run? Let’s delve deeper.

A Change in Gamer Demographics

What was earlier regarded as a socially isolating activity is turning out to be a family-centric one instead. It is has been observed that the first generation of gamers (today’s parents) who grew up on video games, are eager to pass on the tradition to their children.

Kids are playing games at home with their mum and dad — pretty cool, right? According to research conducted by Nickelodeon, 34% of children under 11 have a tablet and are gearing up for smartphones as they reach secondary school. This generation is interested in playing games on the school bus — and why wouldn’t they be? Games like Moshi Monsters, Bin Weevils and Angry Birds are fun and engaging. Even adults commuting to work play games on their smartphones to make the commute more enjoyable.

Evolution in Smartphone Technology

While it is true that console gaming and mobile gaming overlap in many areas, they still serve different markets. Hardcore gamers will argue that smartphones lack technologies like gesture detection and motion sensing that come with console games. Casual gamers will reply that smartphones support technologies like location-based games and gyroscope-aided games that consoles can’t mimic.

If you talk about consoles having raw power, bigger display sizes with high definition image resolution and enhanced storage availability, you must also consider that VR glasses, cloud storage and other improved alternatives are foraying into the scene, which could make smartphone games superior than their console counterparts. In fact, according to the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, from the next generation onwards, cloud gaming on remote devices like smartphones and tablets, will replace console gaming.

Sgame Pro™ Gears Up For the Mobile Gaming Revolution

Ubisoft, like Konami, has also undergone a paradigm shift in recent times focusing on mobile as well as console gaming. The group has made it clear that they will be concentrating on live streaming multiplayer games that encourage recurring spending and greater engagement rates, instead of releasing new games. This is somewhat similar to what leading mobile game aggregator, Sgame Pro™ aims to achieve through its upcoming token sale.

Through blockchain technology, the Sgame Pro™ project will enable players to opt for traditionally single-player games in asynchronous multi-player formats, with the SGM token lying at the core of every transaction made on the platform. Online gaming economies are already riddled with problems of ownership and item-fraud. Sgame Pro™ will use the immutable distributed ledger technology to bring in transparency and do away with the need to spend fiat currencies on its platform.

This doesn’t mean that gamers will stop using consoles altogether. We are far from that scenario. But the average millennial today is hugely dependent on smartphones for entertainment purposes, and products like the Apple Watch and Android Wear show promise in enhancing these experiences.

There’s no doubt that the mobile gaming industry is becoming exceptionally awesome and is powering forward at a rapid rate. So, if you want to find out more about Sgame Pro’s innovative and highly creative blockchain project, head to and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.



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