Hi Sergei, this is a very well written blog.
Mahendra Prasad

Hi Mahendra, sorry for the late reply (I’ve been busy!) and thank you for your comment. Here are my answers

  1. Anything you want really, there really isn’t a guide for this or a winning combination for this. Personally, I built some webapps which I thought were fun to build like a note keeping app, a calculator, a weather app, and a webapp that used a third party API to show REST (In my case, a github client).
  2. I would really not like to share my opinion on this since I haven’t been through such a huge number of interviews to actually consider my advice worthwhile. The questions I was asked ranged from JS/CSS/HTML basics, to tooling questions regarding SASS, Bootstrap and GruntJS. What I was told though is that as long as you understand the core (HTML/JS/CSS) and have a drive to learn, most places won’t mind hiring you even if you don’t know everything from the get go.
  3. It should certainly be doable in my opinion, but that’s assuming you are putting at least 6–8 hours a day. You should focus on getting the core basics, creating at least a simple personal website to showcase your portfolio on github (you can use github pages for free hosting), and proving your drive to learn to your future employer.

Happy learning!

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