Some analysts believe that Apple is selling one kind of high-end lifestyle

Some analysts believe that Apple is selling one kind of high-end lifestyle, not through science and technology solutions to help people live better or more satisfying life. There are comments that “more people want to get the most advanced technology in the freshest smart watch, and ancient leather has been used instead of a hundred years ago or another leather Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 strap. For them, life is a noble than leather more important. “Today, science and technology and the concept of luxury closer and closer. They are like a magnet to attract each other. Long before Apple and Hermes Union, it has been a lot of science and technology to produce and luxury brands, but it did not for everyone impressed. Do you still remember the Blackberry and Porsche jointly launched P998x series of mobile phones, from last year’s P9981 to P9983, perhaps this year will continue to publish P9984. Samsung has also been in Montblanc to launch high-end stylus and protective sleeve. LG and Prada have launched Prada Phone. But today, the situation has clearly changed. Before cooperation with Hermes, Apple Watch is defined as a major fashion technology products, but in recent years, Apple has been committed to their luxury Vintage Prom Dresses fashion road. Them from veteran British luxury brand Burberry hired Angela Ahrendts responsible luxury product packaging and marketing. Interestingly, the luxury goods will also work with the marriage of science and technology as their own opportunities. Not so long ago, the world’s largest luxury goods company LVMH Group announced that it has established a new Chief Digital Officer, in order to fully open the development of digital services. Prior to this position will be in Apple’s music business as senior director Ian Rogers, who will take office in October. The move for LVMH Group, the luxury goods industry believes that the Internet in the luxury goods industry has become undeniable trend, while luxury goods business platform NET-A-PORTER and YOOX September completion of the merger will be formally marked by two other luxury goods group Richemont and open cloud competing big electricity supplier in terms of operation, but also a great touch on the LVMH group, had to speed up the digitization process of reform, including the reconstruction of the areas of human resources and other aspects. London Fashion Week, although the four major fashion weeks in a shortest time, but that does not mean it’s wonderful degree will be discounted, do not forget, here, but Burberry, McQueen’s hometown, there is also rich in Kate, Naomi, Cara, Rosie such supermodel big legs, as well as 007, David Beckham, David — Gandy these men to set an example of British clothing idol. In this week’s fashion feast, there are a lot of street fashion and young soul worthy of our expectations. Quarterly London Fashion Week’s most notable non Burberry and two big show is none other than Tom Ford, but the following January, he will show moved to Los Angeles, Academy Awards while speeding and London pass after this season, he continued absence London, the brand’s public announcements, mainly describes three means: 1, season, Mr. Ford will not do the show in London, it does not mean he will no longer have to do the show, he also We will be back; 2, he will not do a traditional show, but he will do something; 3, they will release further information in the near future. In addition to the upcoming sale of the Lemaire family, Uniqlo also worked with the former Prada designer Jil Sander launched the “+ J” series of up to 3 years.