We Have A Moral Obligation

I was in Boston and was interviewed by The Growth Show about my current thinking about innovation in companies and government agencies. The interviewer was great and managed to get me to summarize several years of learning in one podcast.

It’s worth a listen.

At the end of the interview I got surprised by a great question — “What’s the Problem that Still Haunts You?” I wasn’t really prepared for the question but gave the best answer I could on the fly.

Part of the answer is the title of this blog post.

Listen to the entire interview here:
Taking the Lean Startup From Silicon Valley to Corporations and the State and Defense Department

Or just parts of the interview:
1:20 Failure and Lessons Learned

2:35 The origins of the Lean Startup

3:35 Startups are not smaller versions of a larger company

6:22 What’s Customer Development

7:11 Agile Engineering — Eric Ries

8:05 Business Model Canvas — Alexander Osterwalder

8:43 The Three Components of the Lean Startup

10:01 Lean in Corporations

11:17 Why Lean is Hard in Companies

13:15 Startups can do Anything Illegal

13:36 Incumbents as Rent Seekers

14:50 Companies can only do things that are legal

15:26 Risk Capital reinventing industries

17:08 Government Agency innovation limitations

18:45 What Drives Innovation?

20:18 Is Innovation doomed in Companies and Government?

22:37 A Continuous Innovation Culture vs An Execution Culture

23:59 The Three Horizons of Innovation

26:33 Allocating Innovation $’s to each Horizon

27:45 Why Does the Government need to be Innovative?

30:18 Innovation Insurgents in the DOD and IC

32:05 No Innovation Pipeline, Guidance or Metrics

32:55 Teaching Lean

34:32 The Start of the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps

35:53 Hacking for Defense

37:36 Hacking for Diplomacy

39:04 Hacking for Energy, Hacking for Non Profits, Hacking for X..

40:54 National Service

41:39 Moral Obligations

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