An overview of SGE Society of Galactic Exploration — Accomplishments and future plans

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The SGE token was launched in April as SOGE — a cryptocurrency with 100 trillion max supply, representing one token for every star existing in our universe — give or take — after all, counting stars is not an exact science. The revolutionary idea behind the project was to offer an app which will allow for remote control of deep space telescopes around the world alongside the ability to mint gorgeous NFTs of your unique finds throughout the galaxy. The long term vision of SGE is to provide an interactive astronomical study experience where astronomers can give guided tours of the many wonders of our galaxy in addition to providing a marketplace for the buying and selling of space photography NFTs and other science and technology NFTs which a strong focus on space. COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on space observatories with capacity limitations and other factors. SGE is set to have partnerships with observatories which will support their finances and operations to ensure they can continue their outstanding work in the field of space exploration.

The first SGE NFT “Eye of Monoceros” Credit: Terry Hancock

In May, SOGE holders were airdropped the equivalent number of SOGE tokens held as SGE, the new contract for the project. The reason for this move was to remove a potential risk to our investors — originally, SOGE burned tokens to Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum wallet. Vitalik Buterin took it upon himself to sell off a large portion of some of the “meme” tokens in his wallet to donate to COVID relief in India. While this was a noble gesture, the SOGE team could not run the risk of VB negatively impacting the price of SOGE by selling the trillions of tokens in his wallet, which were strictly intended to be burned to his public wallet. The airdropping of SGE completely negated this risk, and holders of SOGE were rewarded with an additional 10% on top of their original holdings.

Very shortly after our initial launch we obtained a partnership with a space observatory in Colorado — operated by Terry Hancock, a respected NASA affiliated astrophotographer. This partnership will allow Terry to provide the SGE NFT platform with stunning images of the night sky, which will include impressive animated 3D renderings of deep space. Our first NFT launched on the popular NFT platform and obtained several bids. Our flagship NFT platform was developed by Blockchain App Factory and was launched this week! SGE NFT’s have embedded copyright protection so space photographers can buy and sell images on our NFT marketplace.

On June 10th popular cryptocurrency influencer Chico Crypto included a segment on SGE in his YouTube video titled “Elon Musk’s Crypto Secrets EXPOSED!! His Truth REVEALED!!” which has obtained over 45,000 views as of June 15th 2021. This collaboration with Chico is just one example of the ways the marketing budget for SGE has been utilized to attract new investors to the project. Chico highlighted the ways SGE will support space exploration by way of remote telescope control at partnered observatories and how astronomers, scientists, artists, tech enthusiasts or anyone else can spend SGE tokens they hold to obtain time on the SGE app, coming soon to iOS and Android. He also stressed the capability of SGE to decentralize space exploration which will open new revenue streams for astronomers, artists and beyond.

Source: Chico Crypto

Recently, the lead developer behind SGE noted that blockchain auditing services were lacking in the cryptocurrency space. In response, sgechain blockchain auditing services was launched this month. A fully transparent team of blockchain professionals can audit any cryptocurrency launched on both the Binance Smart Chain, or ERC20. The goal of the sgechain auditing service is to be the most trusted auditing service in the globe by way of alerting potential investors about risky tokenomics or other underlying contract issues. The great news for SGE holders is that a large portion of funds accrued by sgechain audits will be reinvested into development of SGE, including the app and the marketing fund.

SGE Blockchain Services

Another exciting development will occur on December 31st of 2021, when SGE will launch a hardware wallet containing SGE into space in partnership with Space Concordia, a space & aerospace student organization out of Montreal, Quebec Canada. The SGE logo will be prominently featured on the Space Concordia rocket taking part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket launch competition in the New Mexico desert on New Years Eve. If pulled off successfully, SGE will be one of the first cryptocurrencies ever in space — a fitting destination for our token which is focused on space exploration and discovery.

The Space Concordia team — 2021 Credit: Angie Olivo Photography

sgeXchange is the final piece of the SGE product offering and will be a full featured cryptocurrency exchange. Our blockchain auditors will audit every single token which is listed on sgeXchange which will provide potential investors a high level of confidence when considering new projects to support with their money. All fees to utilize sgeXchange will be paid for in SGE tokens, and SGE will be purchasable with zero fees on the exchange!

The SGE suite of products official logos

This summary of SGE is only the beginning for the project. Join our enthusiastic community on telegram at You can visit our official website at, or the site for sgechain auditing services at The Starseas NFT platform is available at Links to our social media channels can be found at the bottom of

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