The Progression Of Fall

By: Scott Geissler

As most things come to an end, or have a foreseeable exhaustion, spent foliage perpetually follows the stream’s flow. Clustered in corners, funneling through boulders, leaves seem liquid. Timid leaves watch from nearby ledges, hesitant to be swept away with fellow maples, maybe even an oak.
Each corner offers a new palette of color. One single tree may render the scene red with its tired canopy; a crimson hue exasperated by canary yellow individuals. The next corner still chartreuse as prominent evergreens filter sunlight to the most fortunate parcels of the forest floor.
The cluster disperses as the steam widens. The water slows down and a calmness falls over the stream. Autumn comes with a peaceful anxiousness, as the progression of the year is both visible and tangible. The leaves retain their brittle architecture even in the crisp powerful water, a testament to their perserverance.
The leaves could be forgotten, when the stream is done with them. The bare trees beckon to their fallen friends before they find their new home amongst the lake bottom. Soon their residence will be permanent, as the annual blanket of ice envelopes the waters surface and the trees focus their efforts on perpetuating the cycle.
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