Inside High-Rise & Low Rise Apartment

Once you make up your mind to buy a new apartment, then there is always so many factors that you have to decide on whether you would prefer staying in a high-rise or low-rise building apart from other factors like — location, proximity to your office ,local market school parking or public transportation, etc.

High-rise homes are the skyscrapers which are built tall and beyond four floors. Whereas the Low rise homes, on the other hand, are generally ones that are lesser than four floors. However, both have their own advantages and disadvantages over each other and depending on your personal preferences and need, you can choose between the two.

In order to ease the burden of the home buyers, SG Estate has come up with various residential apartment in Ghaziabad along with pros and cons associated in buying a property in a high-rise building, low-rise building along with other factors.

Why High Rise Apartments?

As we all know the land area on earth is limited and each place is not even so we need high rise building Further, the rise in the level of population in both the urban and rural area is another factor that has given rise to these high- rise apartments. However, buying an apartment in a high –rise building also possess many benefits apart from good lighting and ventilation.


  • High-rise apartments are not only popular for their location and convenience, but also known for the beautiful view, which you can’t get in apartment’s less than four floors.
  • These apartments are comparatively secure and have a good view. Further, the capital appreciation is comparatively faster on the upper floors.
  • Being multi-storey, these apartments possess a natural lighting and better air flow, ventilation.
  • High-rises generally have a larger number of apartments and hence located in a bigger community. These apartments help in organizing group activities that improve and encourage socializing.
  • High-rise apartments usually offer more high-end amenities and common area as compared to that of low-rise apartments.


  • The maintenance and transportation of goods and services to these high-rise apartments have always been a concern.
  • Emergency evacuation is another major factor that must never be ignored.
  • Fire Safety is another concern living in such high-rise structure.

Why Low-Rise Apartments?


  • These low-rise apartments offer more privacy and elasticity of maintenance & rent, as compared to that of high-rise apartments.
  • Generally these low-rise apartments are located on the outskirts of cities where there are no space constraints, although, these apartments generally have less polluted surroundings.
  • These apartments are also safer and hold lower risk during natural calamities such as earthquakes, as compared to high rise buildings.
  • Buying and transferring or selling your property is much easier as compared to high-rise apartments.


  • Most of the times you won’t get any option to view from the house in a low rise apartments as compared to a high rise building.
  • Low-rise apartments can be further located in downtown areas, which could mean it takes more time to commute.
  • Furthermore, low-rise complexes aren’t as luxurious, and they do not include extra amenities like fitness centers pools and gardens facilities.

Thus, before finalizing to buy an apartment of your choice you must consider all these factors that would best fit your lifestyle.

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