Apple to developers: There is no escape.
Quincy Larson

I’m no fanboy, I’m happy under Windows, Linux and MacOS and as most said it, dev tools are multi platform anyway.

Apple is not adding more memory due to the impact on battery life, they don’t want to have a laptop that goes back to 4–5 hours. I forget the exact formula but roughly each additional 2GB make you lose 20–30 min. CPUs for the same reason, and yes top of the line is expensive, ask Intel why. Apple only makes chips for mobile devices…for now.

As a developer I’ll take a programmable bar over an escape and function keys any day! Instead of Fn for debug, run, compile I can instead tap those words, what’s the matter with that?

Retina resolution and general screen quality is huge when you look at text all day. I will never sacrifice on the quality of the screen if that’s what I stare at all day.

People always seem to rant against Apple, if the alternatives are so much better then go for it. The best way to make your point is with your wallet, Apple certainly understands sales numbers.

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