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  1. From someone who has actually worked retail (almost 30 years of it and four years in home improvement) and in this industry. Now is their “holiday season” so yes there is traffic in the stores because now is when the typical American works their ass off to repair/update their house with flowers, decks, fences, appliances, renovations because it is sunny/sunnier now than usual so when you go outside to do the hard manual labor it takes it is more pleasant. The issue is how many people were in the stores and how many employees were there to help people and ring people up? By reports this last week, hiring has decreased considerably thus big long lines and unhappy customers who will many times go to a competitor if have to wait a long time because not enough people hired; especially if they can find someone to help on their diy project that knows anything. So it doesn’t mean that sales are booming; it means employees are likely overworked to serve the people that are there during peak season. Just need to find out if store traffic is up or down to see if sales are booming or not. Most retail companies have a “3 in line” policy (for that exact reason) so if more than three are in line, in many lines; and no one is coming up…you have your answer. Should know middle of next month when they report earnings. Don’t forget that retailers reduce payroll and advertising to reduce costs and make a poor sales quarter better. Same store sales is crucial for determining “booming” sales. Also, HD founder is a $7 mil contributor to his campaign so can imagine that the plug was intentional for this showboating, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, family, I would expect it. Search for his interview about Trump and you would think they were related. Probably just thought him being the HUD Secretary might be a little hard to explain. Think they had other plans for HUD anyway.
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