2017 zero1 Pattaya

This year marks the 3rd consecutive year running our 2 day mini-program 'zero1' part of the winter 2 week 'allout beat' program. We are very grateful for the hospitality provided by Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa Pattaya.

[Road to Pattaya]

Fantastic service by Montri. Both reliable customer service and driver are very professional. Thank you Montri!

[Tennis Courts]

Without the tennis courts the camp obviously would not be. The 3 main tennis courts which we noticed were serviced from last year made great conditions. The hotel use to host men's professional tennis tournaments.


The universal swing able to be used used both offensive and defense.


The offensive shot. Not just hitting winners. Forcing the unforced error.


Continental grip and consistent second serve.


The versatile backhand for accurate cross court, easy change up for slice, allow the player to go on the offense with their forehand.

[What A View!] BBQ Overlooking the Pattaya Bay

What could be more entertaining and relaxing that overlooking the Pattaya Bay and having a BBQ party!

[6:30am zero-hour run]

What a great place to get a morning workout right on the beach. We started with a light jog around the hotel complex and ended on the beach. Fantastic view mentally, emotionally, and spiritually uplifting to be right on the beach outlooking the ocean!

[What a pool!]

The hotel boasts this beautiful swimming pool equipped with waterslide and jacuzzi. The students had an allout blast on both days cooling down after an all day morning and afternoon session.


On the way back to Bangkok completely spent.

[Want to do it again??? ]

We look forward to having future camps here for sure!

For more information please contact: apfabkk@gmail.com