allout ZERO1 Pattaya 2018

[LISTENING],[WATCHING],and [COMMUNICATING], all important tools to have our students further develop. Pro Hideki Kaneko and coaching staff lead the camp as the 2018 allout ZERO1 Pattaya took to the courts once again at the beloved Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa hotel.

We'd like to [Highlight] some of the main elements of the camp both ON & OFF the Court.

[Possibilities] to get points

Getting right into it. What are the ways to win points in tennis?

  1. ) Hit a winner
    - how often can you hit winners all the time?
  2. ) Play consistent tennis: Not to miss
    - Perhaps the most fundamental tactic of tennis
  3. ) Force the player to make an error 
    - ***This aspect of the game is often overlooked

So...What are the type of shots we can learn to make #3.) occur more often

  1. ) Forehand windmill
  2. ) Backhand Face up
  3. ) Rat-shot

[EASY] volley

To 'seal the deal' to 'put the point away' often a player does too much. Are you choosing to make the shot more difficult than it actually is. Which is why we emphasize this point.

[Appreciation] [Compassion] [Responsibility]

Everyone who participated made the camp possible. We thank all the participants, parents & family, coaches, drivers, and staff at the Bayshore hotel continuing to make the allout ZERO1 Pattaya truly a wonderful experience.

[Self Development] What do you want to Create?

Yes it is embarrassing especially for the first time to shout out your feelings which is why we practice. First time for everything.

We look forward to see you at our next ZERO1 Pattaya in JUNE & SEPTEMBER! Stay tuned for exact dates.