[Part 2:] Gymnasticbodies — Fundamentals 2017.02.15

Fundamentals: Block 1 — Lesson 2: Body Orientation — ‘Rear Support’

So here I am in the 2nd week of the fundamentals program through gymnasticbodies.com. It feels great in the morning when I start stretching going through the basic movements.

As a tennis player and coach, I know the sport can often lead to players having disproportionate muscular physique due to favoring the more dominate side. That is why it is important to train both on and off court with balance. 

Having trained in other sports such as crossfit and running marathons, I enjoy the change of pace.The daily challenges and the improvements I see are what keep me motived.

Fundamentals: Block 1 — Lesson 2: Body Orientation ‘Front Support’

It is important to realize that this is not some 'rat-race' towards the finish line, but a progression and natural transformation of my body. The 'routine' and 'consistency' are what's important.

Written by George Kidera George Kidera has been coaching tennis at APF Academies in Bangkok, Thailand since April 2011. “Coaching is a wonderful experience and tennis is a great teaching 'tool'.”

Originally published at apfacademies.net.