THE Met Farm

Good morning everyone!
 Today after dropping off my daughter (Rei) at her pre-school my wife and I decided to stop by THE Met Farm a local hydroponics farm near our home Sukhumvit 101/1.

Compared to the local supermarkets around Bangkok 25THB per head is a bargain for fresh produce.

For those who have never seen a hydroponic farm here is what it looks like. Basically, rather than planting the seeds into soil, they are placed within small trays where nutrients are mixed with water that is continuously pumped through a system. The plants grow naturally like being in soil.ชุดประกอบdiy

The plants start very small inside the trays. Sprinkler heads above also add moisture and nutrients to keep plants healthy.Sunlight in Thailand can be strong so the farmer added a screens on top to allow oxygen but reduce sun.

I enjoy eating a lot of vegetables with my meals. My favorite green vegetable is spinach. Bon Appetit!

Written by George Kidera George Kidera has been coaching at APF Academies since April 2011. He had played tennis for the Bulldogs at Truman State University from 2000–2002. His role has been to promote and support all levels of the international tennis community at APF. “Coaching tennis is a wonderful experience and a great teaching tool to develop our next future leader.”

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