City Council Meeting

By Schuyler Glotfelty

On Tuesday, March 2 the city of Lynchburg Virginia held a council meeting to discuss a number of issues and propositions including a new grocery store, a sales tax and mortician licensing.

Starting late due to the tardy arrival of Councilman Harvey Haddix whose spot had been taken by an illegal parker, the meeting kicked off with an overflow crowd of over 200 people ready to discuss the construction of a new neighborhood supermarket. Two days earlier the Metropolitan Zoning Commission met to discuss this same issue and prepare a report for the city council. While many of the council members spoke up in support of this addition the crowd was extremely hostile to this plan.

Not only would this require the relocation of a graveyard but according Early Wynn “This thing is going to destroy our neighborhood,” and she went on to say that “It’s pretty quiet [in the neighborhood] now, but if you get this thing in there now, it’s going to turn noisy.” One member of the crowd even threatened the recall of any council member who voted in favor of the supermarket and the proposition was quickly struck down in a 5–2 vote.

After the vote the crowd dispersed and the Council went on to discuss and pass a proposition to implement a one cent sales tax and later tabled a proposal to license morticians in the area after significant outcry from the Mortician Society.

At the close of the meeting Councilman Harvey returned to his vehicle to find a parking ticket on his own illegally parked car.

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