How to win against Artificial Intelligence-based robots

There are some careful speculations novadays, if Artificial Intelligence is an opportunity for the humanity, or is it still a major threat for all of us?

Stephen Hawking even considers, an AI will eventually take care of the final stage of our civilization’s lifecycle, i.e. expelling of all of us lovely into a terminal oblivion, the Kingdom of Chaos, the existence without cookies and joy, et al.

Was it scary enough? Now, take a little drink.

Even if AI wins against us, we should be proud. At least we have invented the most advantageous mean of finishing us, comparing to the Mesopotamians, the Aztecs, the ancient Rome’s people, the former USSR’s system and many, many others.

To lave the top scene at the highest point of our glamourus fame, what can be noblier?

Just in case, should some of us consider the whole existence of this civilization (mostly useless, as owners of some modern iPhones agree) an inevitable evil, there is a recipe.

A full AI, based on principles of Artificial General Intelligence, has to be a self-learning structure.

In other words, it has to learn from its previous experience, just unlike most of us humans do. Actually, it is the source where the whole AI’s intellectual superpower should come from.

Therefore, if an AI tries to attack you (yes, that 8-meter tall pile of iron muscles on intellectual steroids), all you need to do is to fight back hard enough and win, no matter what.

As a clever creature, AI has to recognize a negative reward and will take an inevitable conclusion. It will step back, and you (and the humanity!) will be saved.

Besides that, it could be good enough just to stay to be a human. Refusing to behave logically, you most likely will generate the Terminator’s BSOD (“Blue Screen of Dead”) for embedded Windows-based badmen, otherwise the Kernel Dump for these of Android (nice name, btw.)

Should it become a new legend of little human the David defeating the scary AI the Goliath?

To be sure, be careful to name your newest military AI-based system “The Goliath”, and the “David” should be the preferred codename of the modern world’s cybersecurity military units, starting of today.