Good Design

On the myBucknell home page, there are various dashboard tools, my favorite being the one labeled ‘Today’s Menu.’

As you can see, the design of this tool is very simple and easy to follow. Click on one of the dining places listed on the left, and the day’s specials for that location are listed on the right. I think this tool does a great job in its design, following the ‘Learning To See’ article. Specifically, two major points of the article stand out to me here: 1) Good design is unobtrusive and 2) Good design is as little design as possible. This tool fulfills both of these qualities. It is quiet and understated, it does not detract from the rest of the webpage. Additionally, it is a very simple design; adding more frills and non-essential items to the tool are unnecessary and run the risk of detracting from the usability of the tool. In these ways, this tool is very well designed in its simplicity.

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