The first and only working Rollup system for general smart contracts has launched. Port your Solidity contracts today.

We here at Offchain Labs are thrilled to announce that Arbitrum Rollup is live on testnet. If you’re looking to massively scale smart contracts on Ethereum without compromising security, Arbitrum Rollup is right for you.

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Try Arbitrum Rollup today

What’s Rollup?

Great question! So good, in fact, that we have a whole post dedicated to explaining Rollup and comparing its various flavors.

Rollup is a general approach to scaling open contracts, that is, contracts that everyone can see and interact with. In rollup, calls to the contract and their arguments are written on-chain as calldata, but the actual computation and storage of the contract are done off-chain. Somebody posts on-chain an assertion about what the contract will do — a list of actions taken by the contract, such as payments made, and a cryptographic hash of its state after the contract has executed the calls that have already been posted on-chain. …

Steven Goldfeder

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