The World We’ll Leave Behind
Matthew Barad

Accurate description of the current state of the world. Nothing too different from ourselves a thousand years back. In that light I find the final message underwhelming. What is there to fear or regret if future man judges us? The Anasazi obviously didn’t care. And based off your observations, frankly we don’t care either. So what social stigma will ever be strong enough to eradicate our innate greed, selfishness, envy, and wickedness? None will. That’s the point. Man will always be man (Psalm 14:1–3).

What we ought to fear and find more compelling is how God will judge us … which He will because He told us He will (Romans 2:1–2). Apart from faith in His Son we will forever be under His judgement. Far from His love. Only through genuine and repentant faith in Christ can we truly leave a world worth remembering.

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