The State of Energy 2018 — A Poem

NX Drive

Major disruptions in the world,

LEDs growing like rice,

If you pause for just a moment,

You will see solar twinkling your eyes,


But the panel wasn’t meant to be alone,

It’s intermittency a burden all its own,

Not even counting O&M,

Which is now becoming digitized,


No we had to craft a perfect companion,

Something worthy of a medallion,

Able to power a whole wide city,

In an Aliso Canyon notice of time,


So we made energy storage in its image,

Perfectly suited to its varying load lineage,

Flattening peak capacity in the twilight evening,

Making the duck no longer upright or justified,


So moments are passing and utilities are gasping,

Wondering what might actually stay and be lasting,

In this breakneck change of infrastructure,

Not even their meters can pause for a rhyme,


Meanwhile the roads are filling with Teslas,

Other auto companies with EV agendas,

Using fast DC-charging and autonomous systems,

Something grandma could even ride,


Yes we have ushered in a deeptech era,

Innovations coming both east/west of the Sierras,

Universities pumping entrepreneurs and students,

Starting investment vehicles on the side,


VC dollars are bowing to corporate ballers,

Angel callers becoming Crowdfunding hollers,

Tax equity investors befriending merchant developers,

And ARPA-E just barely staying alive,


But who can predict what will finally stick,

Everything seems to be changing on a click,

Actually on a tweet to be more specific,

These times are interesting no lie.