I love watching movies. If an opportunity presented itself where I was asked to watch movies all day long, I would not think twice before affirming the offer. Whether they are Hollywood movies, foreign films, blockbuster hits, or independent films, my satisfaction lies in spending my time watching movies that are interesting, thought-provoking, entertaining, and sensible. The point is, if I am going to invest a certain amount of time in these movies, I would not want to be stuck with a movie that didn’t appeal to me. So if you love watching movies that keep you to the edge of your seats, then checkout the list of really good movies below.

Movies to Watch At Anytime

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• 9• 21• 300• 10 Things I Hate About You• 17 Again• 27 Dresses• 12 Angry Men• (500) Days of Summer• 127 Hours• 2001: A Space Odyssey• 50 First Dates• 28 Days Later• 28 Weeks Later• 8 Mile• 84 Charing Cross Road• 88 Minute• 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea• 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days


• A League of Their Own• A.I. Artificial Intelligence• Angels & Demons• Apollo 13• Armour of God• August Rush• Awakenings• A Bug’s Life• A Christmas Carol• A Goofy Movie• A History of Violence• A Knight’s Tale• A Nightmare on Elm Street• A Walk in the Clouds• About Schmidt• Air Bud• Air Force One• Aladdin• Ali• Alice in Wonderland• Aliens• Amélie• American Gangster• American History X• American Pie• Annie Hall• Antz• Apocalypse Now• Apocalypto• Armageddon• Assassins• Atlantis: The Lost Empire• Austin Powers (series)• Avatar• AVP: Alien vs. Predator• Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy[ Top ]B

• Back to the Future• Backdraft• Bad Boys (series)• Bambi• Batman• Batman Begins• Beauty and the Beast• Bedazzled• Bedknobs and Broomsticks• Bedtime Stories• Bee Movie• Behind Enemy Lines• Beowulf• Beverly Hills Chihuahua• Beverly Hills Cop• Bicentennial Man• Black Hawk Down• Black Swan• Blade (series)• Blades of Glory• Blood Diamond• Blue Streak• Bolt• Boondock Saints• Borat• Born to Fight• Boys Don’t Cry• Brave• Braveheart• Bridesmaids• Bridge to Terabithia• Brokeback Mountain• Broken Arrow (1950)• Broken Springs• Bruce Almighty• Blood: The Last Vampire (2000)• Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia[ Top ]C

• Capone• Caroline• Carrie• Cars (series)• Casablanca• Casino Royale• Cast Away• Catch Me If You Can• Charlie Wilson’s War• Charlie’s Angles (series)• Chicago• Chicken Little• Children of Men• Cinderella• City of Angles• City of Fire• Clear and Present Danger• Cliffhanger• Cold Mountain• Collateral• Collateral Damage• College Road Trip• Commando• Con Air• Conan the Barbarian• Confessions of a Shopaholic• Conspiracy Theory• Cool Runnings• Cotton Comes to Harlem• Courage Under Fire• Crank• Crazy, Stupid, Love.• Curious George• Citizen Kane• Chinatown• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory• Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs• Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon[ Top ]D

• D2: The Mighty Ducks• Date Night• Dawn of the Dead• Day of the Dead• Dead Alive• Dead Poets Society• Dead Snow• Death Proof• Death Sentence• Definitely, Maybe• Déjà Vu• Demolition Man• Desperado• Despicable Me• Diary of a Wimpy Kid• Die Hard (series)• Dinosaur• Dirty Dancing• Dirty Harry• District B13• Disturbia• Dr. No• Dragon Hunters (2009)• Drunken Master• Due Date• Dumb & Dumber• Dumbo• Duplicity[ Top ]E

• E.T.• Eagle Eye• Easy A• Eat Pray Love• Edge of Darkness• Edward Scissorhands• Eight Below• El mariachi• Elf• Elizabeth: The Golden Age• Ella Enchanted• Enchanted• Enemy at the Gates• Enter the Dragon• Epic Movie• Equilibrium• Eraser• Erin Brockovich• Escape from Alcatraz• Escape from New York• Evil Dead (series)• Executive Decision• East is East• Evan Almighty• El Dorado• Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close• Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind[ Top ]F

• Face/Off• Fahrenheit 9/11• Fair Game• Fanboys• Fantasia 2000• Fantastic Four (series)• Fast and the Furious (series)• Faster• Father of the Bride (series)• Ferris Bueller’s Day Off• Fifth Element• Fight Club• Finding Nemo• Finding Neverland• Fists of Fury• Flipped• Flubber• Flushed Away• For Colored Girls• Formula 51• Forrest Gump• Freaky Friday• French Connection• Frida• Friday• Friends With Benefits• From Russia with Love• Frozen• Frozen River• Fugitive• Fun with Dick and Jane• Funny Games[ Top ]G

• G-Force• Gangs of New York• Garden State• George of the Jungle• Get a Clue• Get Carter• Ghost• Ghost Town• Girl With a Pearl Earring• Girl, Interrupted• Gladiator• Goal! 2: Living the Dream• GoldenEye• Goldfinger• Gone In Sixty Seconds• Gone With the Wind• Good Morning, Vietnam• Good Will Hunting• Goodfellas• Gran Torino• Grease• Green Zone• Greenberg• Grindhouse• Grown Ups• Grudge• Gulliver’s Travels• Gus[ Top ]H

• Hancock• Happy Feet (series)• Hard Boiled• Harry Potter (series)• He’s Just Not That Into You• Heat• Heist• Hellboy (series)• Herbie: Fully Loaded• Hercules• High School Musical (series)• Highlander• Hitman• Hocus Pocus• Holes• Home Alone (series)• Home on the Range• Honey, I Blew Up the Kid• Honey, I Shrunk the Kids• Horrible Bosses• Horton Hears a Who!• Hostage• Hot Fuzz• Hotel Rwanda• House of Flying Daggers• House of the Dead• How to Train Your Dragon• Hurt Locker[ Top ]I

• I Am Legend• I Am Number Four• I Am Sam• I Love You, Man• I, Robot• I’ll Be Home for Christmas• I’ve Loved You So Long• Ice Age (series)• Ice Princess• If Only• Igor• Immortals• In Her Shoes• In the Land of Women• In the Line of Fire• Inception• Independence Day• Indiana Jones (series)• Inglorious Basterds• Insidious• Insomnia• Inspector Gadget• Intolerable Cruelty• Iron Man (series)• It Could Happen to You• It’s Complicated• In America• Invincible• Identity• Infamous• Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles[ Top ]J

• J. Edgar• James Dean• Jane Eyre• Jarhead• Jaws• Jeff, Who Lives at Home• Jennifer’s Body• Jerry Maguire• Jet Li’s The One• Judge Dredd• Julie & Julia• Jumanji• Juno• Jurrasic Park (series)• Just Go with It• Just Like Heaven


• Kick-Ass• Kill Bill I, II• King Arthur• King Kong (1933 and 2005)• Kingdom of Heaven• Kiss Kiss Bang Bang• Kiss of the Dragon• Knight and Day• Knocked Up• Kramer vs. Kramer• Kung Fu Hustle• Kung Fu Panda[ Top ]L

• L.A. Confidential• Ladder 49• Lady and the Tramp• Lady Jane• Land of the Lost• Last Night• Lawrence of Arabia• Lean on Me• Leap Year• Leaving Las Vegas• Let the Right One In• Lethal Weapon (series)• Letters to Juliet• Liar Liar• Life As We Know It• Life is Beautiful• Lilo and Stitch• Limitless• Little Children• Little Miss Sunshine• Live and Let Die• Lords of Dogtown• Lost in Translation• Love Actually• Lucky Number Slevin• Lara Croft Tomb Raider (series)• Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels• Little Women (1949 and 1994)[ Top ]M

• MacGruber• Machete• Mad Max• Madagascar (series)• Magnum Force• Man of the House• Man on Fire• Man on the Moon• Marley & Me• Mary Poppins• Meet the Parents• Meet the Robinsons• Meet the Spartans• Megamind• Memoirs of a Geisha• Mickey’s Christmas Carol• Midnight Run• Mighty Joe Young• Million Dollar Baby• Minority Report• Mission: Impossible (series)• Mona Lisa Smile• Monsters Inc.• Morning Glory• Mortal Kombat• Motocrossed• Mr. and Mrs. Smith• Mr. Magoo• Mrs. Doubtfire• Mulan (series)• Munich• Mystic River[ Top ]N

• Napoleon Dynamite• National Treasure (series)• Never Been Kissed• New York, I Love You• Nighthawks• Night at the Museum (series)• Nights and Weekends• Ninja Assassin• Nixon• No Country for Old Men• No End in Sight• No Reservations• No Strings Attached• Notting Hill• Nowhere Boy• Nurse Betty[ Top ]O

• Ocean’s Trilogy• Off the Map• Office Space• Old School• Old Yeller• Ong-bak• Orphan• Out of Africa• Outbreak• Outsourced• Once Upon a Time in America• Once Upon a Time in Anatolia• Once Upon a Time in Mexico• Once Upon a Time in West


• P.S. I Love You• Pan’s Labyrinth• Paradise Now• Paranormal Activity (series)• ParaNorman• Paranthood• Paul• Pay It Forward• Pearl Harbor• Persepolis• Peter Pan• Philadelphia• Phone Booth• Pineapple Express• Pinnochio• Planet of the Apes (1968)• Pleasantville• Pocahontas• Police Story• Poltergeist• Poseidon• Precious• Predator (series)• Pretty Woman• Pride & Prejudice• Project A• Psycho (1960)• Punch-Drunk Love• Push• Puss in Boots• Pirates of the Caribbean (series)• Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time[ Top ]Q

• Quantum of Solace• Quarantine• Quills (2000)• Quinceañera


• Rabbit Hole• Rachel Getting Married• Rachel, Rachel• Raging Bull• Raiders of the Lost Ark• Rain Man• Raising Arizona• Rambo (series)• Rango• Ransom• Ratatouille• Ray• Real Steel• REC• Recess: School’s Out• Red• Red Dragon• Red Eye• Redbelt• Reign Over Me• Remember Me• Remember the Titans• Repo Men• Requiem for a Dream• Rescue Dawn• Reservation Road• Reservoir Dogs• Resident Evil (series)• Return to Never Land• Revolutionary Road• Righteous Kill• Rio• Rise of the Guardians• Rise of the Planet of the Apes• Risky Business• Road House• Road to Perdition• Robin Hood (2010)• Robocop• Robots• Rocky (series)• Roman Holiday• Romeo and Juliet• Ronin• Runaway Bride• Runaway Jury• Runaway Train• Rush Hour (series)[ Top ]S

• S.W.A.T.• Sacred Planet• Salt• Saturday Night Fever• Savage• Saving Private Ryan• Saw (series)• Scarface• Scary Movie (series)• Scent of a Woman• Schindler’s List• School for Scoundrels (1960)• School of Rock• Scott Pilgrim vs. the World• Se7en• Seabiscuit• Secondhand Lions• Secretary• Sense and Sensibility• Seven Samurai• Shade• Shadowlands• Shaft (series)• Shakespeare in Love• Shall We Dance• Shallow Hal• Shaolin Soccer• Shark Tale• Shaun of the Dead• Sherlock Holmes (series)• Shoot ’Em Up• Shrek (series)• Shutter• Shutter Island• Sin City• Sleeping Beauty• Sleepless in Seattle• Slumdog Millionaire• Smokin’ Aces• Snatch• Sneakers• Snow Dogs• Some Like It Hot• Something’s Gotta Give• Son of Rambow• Source Code• Southern Comfort• Space Jam• Spanglish• Spartacus• Speak• Speed• Spirited Away• Spy Kids (series)• Stand by Me• Star Wars (series)• Steel Magnolias• Step Brothers• Step Up (series)• Stir or Echoes• Stranger Than Fiction• Supercop• Surf’s Up• Swiss Family Robinson• Swordfish• Sylvia• Sleepy Hollow• Super 8Sunset Blvd.• Sunset Blvd.• Spider-Man (series)• Snow White and the Huntsman• Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs• Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street[ Top ]T

• Taken• Tangled• Tango & Cash• Tarzan• Tears of Endearment• Tears of the Sun• Terminator (series)• The 40 Year Old Virgin• The A-Team• The Adventures of Tintin• The Amityville Horror• The Ant Bully• The Apple Dumpling Gang• The Aristocats• The Aviator• The Blair Witch Project• The Book of Eli• The Bourne Trilogy• The Breakfast Club• The Change-Up• The Cider House Rules• The Company Men• The Crazies• The Crow• The Da Vinci Code• The Da Vinci Code• The Darjeeling Limited• The Dark Knight• The Departed• The Devil Wears Prada• The Duchess• The Emperor’s New Groove• The Evil Dead (series)• The Exorcist• The Exorcist of Emily Rose• The Expendables• The Family Stone• The Fifth Element• The Forbidden Kingdom• The Fugitive• The Game Plan• The General’s Daughter• The Getaway (1972)• The Godfather (series)• The Gods Must Be Crazy• The Good Girl• The Graduate• The Great Escape• The Green Hornet• The Green Mile• The Guardian• The Harder They Fall• The Haunted Mansion• The Hot Chick• The Hulk (series)• The Hunt for Red October• The Incredibles• The International• The Italian Job• The Joneses• The Jungle Book• The Karate Kid (1984 & 2010)• The Killer• The King and I• The King’s Speech• The Kingdom• The Kite Runner• The Last Boy Scout• The Last of the Mohicans• The Last Samurai• The Last Station• The Lincoln Lawyer• The Lion King• The Little Mermaid• The Lizzie McGuire Movie• The Lord of the Rings (series)• The Majestic• The Manchurian Candidate• The Mask• The Mask of Zorro• The Matrix (series)• The Mighty Ducks• The Mummy (series)• The Naked Gun (series)• The Notebook• The Number 23• The Nutty Professor• The Omen (series)• The Other Boleyn Girl• The Pacifier• The Painted Veil• The Parent Trap• The Passion of the Christ• The Patriot• The Phantom of the Opera• The Pink Panther• The Polar Express• The Prestige• The Princess and the Frog• The Princess Diaries• The Professional• The Proposal• The Reader• The Rescuers• The Rescuers Down Under• The Ring• The Road Warrior• The Rock• The Royal Tenenbaums• The Santa Clause (series)• The Shawshank Redemption• The Shining• The Siege• The Silence of the Lambs• The Simpsons Movie• The Sixth Sense• The Sound of Music• The Spy Who Loved Me• The Sum of All Fears• The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3• The Terminal• The Three Caballeros• The Time Traveler’s Wife• The Truman Show• The Twilight Saga (series)• The Untouchables• The Usual Suspects• The Ladykillers• The Warriors (1979)• The Color Purple• The Blues Brothers• The Wedding Singer• The Wizard of Oz• The Woman in Black• The Young Black Stallion• The Young Victoria• There Will Be Blood• They Live• Thumbelina• Thunderball• Titanic• Tommy Boy• Top Gun• Tora! Tora! Tora!• Total Recall• Tower Heist• Toy Story (series)• Transformers (series)• Transporter (series)• Treasure Planet• Tron Legacy• Tropic Thunder• Troy• Tru Confessions• True Lies• The Chronicles of Narnia (series)• The Good, the Bad and the Ugly• The Hunchback of Notre Dame• The Nightmare Before Christmas• There’s Something About Mary[ Top ]U

• Ultraviolet• Under Siege• Under the Tuscan Sun• Underworld (series)• Unforgiven• Universal Soldier• Unknown• Unleashed• Unstoppable• Up• Up in the Air• Uptown Girls


• V for Vendetta• Vacancy• Valentine’s Day• Vanilla Sky• Vanishing Point• Vertigo• Vicky Cristina Barcelona[ Top ]W

• Walk the Line• Wall Street• Wall-E• Waltz with Bashir• Wanted• War of the Gods• War of the Worlds• Watchmen• Water for Elephants• Waterworld• Way of the Dragon• We Are Marshall• We Bought a Zoo• We Were Soldiers• Welcome to the Rileys• Westworld• What Women Want• What’s Eating Gilbert Grape• While You Were Sleeping• Whispers: An Elephant’s Tale• White Chicks• White Fang• Who Am I?• Who Framed Roger Rabbit• Win Win• Winnie the Pooh• Wonderful World• World’s Greatest Dad[ Top ]X

• X-Men (series)• xXx


• Yes Man• Yours, Mine and Ours• Youth in Revolt• Young Frankenstein• You’ve Got Mail• You Don’t Mess with the Zohan


• Zack and Miri Make a Porno• Zathura: A Space Adventure• Zodiac• Zombieland• Zoolander[ Top ]

To tell you the truth, this list can literally go on and on as Hollywood has some amazing movies to offer its audience. And as far as the latest flicks are concerned, I’m sure the coming years will definitely line tons of interesting movies to watch. So try these movies; the list is pretty long and you better start now. Rent movies from different genres and let the magic unveil.

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