Metamorphosis of the African Man

As I run through the computations in my head, simulating. every possible scenario, looking for the one that will yield the most beneficial outcome for all parties involved. I start to realize that we are in a zero sum game.

Africa is a place with deep rooted ties, everyone has a vested interest in it. That being the case, it doesn’t make sense to try and seize it back. What we must do is find a way to allow everyone to take only what they need, and in return all those involved must govern themselves and provide they necessary oversight. For if anyone is taking more than they need then they are inevitably decreasing the stake of the other participants involved.

The system in question will require a significant increase in Africa’s infrastructure, it’s security and its governing policies. By allowing the world a seat at the table, we will understand the needs of everyone thereby allowing us to create a system that caters to all.

But for this to happen, the world must find a way to relinquish its biased towards Africa and Africans. There is no need for a perpetual diaspora, if allowed to grow in peace, we. will be. more valuable to the world. Africa can be Eden of this beautiful world, one that we can all share and nurture together.

This is a best case scenario, and it will not be easy to attain. As it stands the now, the worlds operates with the notion that they can take from Africa whenever they desire. They view the negroid race as incompetent and unintelligent, well everyone is entitled to there perspective. But I will tell you one thing, the new generation of Africans will not stand for such. For they are fierce and quite intelligent, they are able to stand toe to toe with there global counterparts, and inflict damage if need be. They seem to possess a greater sense of worth than the previous generations and will under no circumstances relinquish control of Africa to foreign pestilence.

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