Milestone Reached - Public Distribution Complete

Jul 13, 2018 · 2 min read

SGPay has reached another milestone in completing its public distribution for bounty, rewards & airdrop tokens. Team distributions are also being carried out now.

More than 139,000 SGPay Tokens were distributed to more than 7,300 community members who helped to promote our project through social media and other online channels. These tokens account for less than 2% of SGPay total token supply.

The SGPay Token will also be listed soon on a small exchange near the end of July. The general public will be able to buy & sell the tokens on the exchange and the identity of the exchange will be revealed soon.

There will also be a weekly giveaway of 1,000 SGPay Tokens every week until the end of 2018 for anyone who signs up for the email list on The first giveaway is scheduled to start from the 16th of July to the 22nd of July. Winners & their token address will be announced and revealed in a special page on the website.

About SGPay
SGPay is a payment solutions start-up that aims to make transacting digital currencies as easily available as e-payments currently are in the Asia-Pacific Region. SGPay will enable a broad cross section of consumers and to ride a concurrent digital currencies and e-payments wave in the region. The platform will have e-payment, QR code payment, and integrated services functionality.

For a detailed understanding of the platform and the team behind SGPay, check out our website

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