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Illustration of Tether. All Copyrights Below To Original Designer.

The SGP/USDT pair has debuted on LAToken. USDT provides a stable alternative to the fluctuating price nature of Ethereum. Through the coming months we will be shifting some of our buy-backs to this pair depending on available supply.

The new pairing is expected to provide stability for our token valuation in addition to providing an alternative avenue for traders.

The team continues to work on the development of our platform as well as keeping a look-out for opportunities in terms of partnerships as well as new exchanges.

You can trade the SGP/USDT pair here @

About Tether

Tether (USDT)

SGPay has reached another milestone in its promising journey. The SGPay Token is now listed on both CoinMarketCap (CMC) — the biggest coin listing site in the world, as well as on Live Coin Watch (LCW).

The listings are expected to generate additional exposure for the project as well as provide token holders an easy way to check the token price, token supply and valuations.

SGPay [SGP] Current Valuations:

Current Price: US$0.122175

Market Valuation: US$244,350

Circulating Supply: 2,000,000

Buybacks By Company/Team So Far: >70,000 Repurchased SGP

About CoinMarketCap (CMC) is one of most visited websites for getting an overview…

SGPay Tokens are now available for trading on the LATOKEN Exchange. Do follow the link here to trade:

SGPay Token Current Valuations:

Starting Price: US$0.50

Market Valuation: US$1,000,000

Circulating Supply: 2,000,000


LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens:

● 90+ crypto pairs available for trading

● More than 70,000 active traders

● Low trading and withdrawal fees

● >500,000 unique visitors each month

Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages.

About SGPay
SGPay is a payment solutions start-up that aims to make transacting…

Deposits for SGPay Tokens on LATOKEN Exchange are now open! Trading will start soon so you can deposit your tokens through this link:

There will also be a weekly giveaway of 1,000 SGPay Tokens every week until the end of 2018 for anyone who signs up for the email list on The second giveaway for July has already started. Winners & their token address will be announced and revealed on our Telegram Group at

Please join our Telegram Group as well for the latest updates!


LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity…

SGPay is commencing listing soon on the LATOKEN exchange. The trading pair for SGPay Tokens would be SGP/ETH.

Here are 2 key dates to take note of:

July 31st — Deposits for SGPay Tokens starts on LATOKEN

August 2nd — Commencement of Trading for SGPay Tokens

Please visit this link: to start registration and sign up for verification if necessary.

There will also be a weekly giveaway of 1,000 SGPay Tokens every week until the end of 2018 for anyone who signs up for the email list on The second giveaway for July has already started. …

SGPay is launching a weekly contest/giveaway of 1,000 SGPay Tokens every week starting from the 16th of July to the end of the year. To subscribe, simply turn off your pop-up blocker & enter your email in the subscription box that appears. Or scroll down to our footer to join our subscriber list!

Your chances of winning are higher the earlier you register as we draw from the same email subscriber list. So the number of people in the lists are much smaller in the earlier weekly draws giving you a much higher chance of being picked!

The draw will…

SGPay has reached another milestone in completing its public distribution for bounty, rewards & airdrop tokens. Team distributions are also being carried out now.

More than 139,000 SGPay Tokens were distributed to more than 7,300 community members who helped to promote our project through social media and other online channels. These tokens account for less than 2% of SGPay total token supply.

The SGPay Token will also be listed soon on a small exchange near the end of July. …

SGPay has relaunched its new corporate website with a new look and corporate identity. The new SGPay digital identity will highlight the move towards electronic payments, digital currencies & integrated services all in a single platform.

SGPay is also running a contest until the end of 2018 where the team will give away 1,000 SGPay Tokens weekly. All you have to do is sign up for updates from the project & team by subscribing to our email list. 1 Lucky winner will be picked every week to receive this bounty.

SGPay Tokens will also be listed soon on a small…

SGPay would like to announce the following for the month of June 2018 & Beyond:

(1) We have secured & signed on for a listing on an exchange that ranks in the top 100 biggest in terms of volume

(2) Factors that have been considered in equal terms of priority are cost effectiveness, exchange initiatives, reputation and volume of trades

(3) Community Feedback has also been taken into account with regards to the exchange, and balanced with the capital we have raised and the allocation we have set aside for the project to work in the long term

(4) The…

SGPay welcomes on board advocate and solicitor Clarence Guo, of Tzedek Law LLC, to the team as legal counsel.

Clarence is a practising advocate and solicitor in Singapore. He has assisted major local and international banks, funds and fund managers, large real estate developers and owners, as well as young start-up companies. In particular, he specialises in assisting fintech start-ups and has developed much expertise with companies dealing with blockchain technology / virtual currencies. He is well-versed with the rapidly developing regulatory environment for blockchain technology, and understands the disruptive potential of this new innovation.

Clarence has been endorsed in…


Welcome to SGPay, the Digital Wallet. Reimagined.

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