Major Depression And Behavioral Disorder Management With Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin generic is a form of bupropion, and is used in treating major depressive disorder and also seasonal affective disorder. There are many other uses of the drug besides treating depression. But patients with eating disorders, seizure problems, or the ones who have stopped medicines for seizures or other sedatives should not take this medicine. Also patients who have suddenly stopped alcohol intake should not take this drug. Also patients, who have used MAO inhibitors and didn’t cross 14 days after that, should not take the drug to avoid serious drug interaction complications. Wellbutrin XR is available in two doses, the 150 mg and 300 mg dose.

Things to note while on the medication

The patient’s behavior has to be taken note of and checked periodically while on the drug. Since this is given to patients who have serious depressive disorders, and mood swings, suicidal feelings etc, hence the patent’s behavior must be noted for improvements or worsening. If any change like panic attacks, nervousness, over reactivity, agitation, impulsive behavior, sudden mood swings, suicidal attempts, restlessness etc is seen, then this must be immediately reported to the doctor.

The drug is known to cause seizures in some cases, and hence patients must be closely administered while on this medication.

You must also report these conditions to the doctor:

· A history of narrow angle glaucoma

· Records of tumor in brain or CNS or seizures or injury in head

· Heart problems

· Kidney diseases

· Diabetes

· Bipolar disorder

The drug is great in weight management and also in increasing libido in patients. While treating depression, many other factors are elevated under the effect of the drug. Wellbutrin weight loss is a significant observation in many patients taking. With it an increased motivation towards life, positive feelings, and increased libido are also noticed in many cases.

Side effects of the medicine

The side effects of the drug can be worsening of symptoms. Mood changes, behavioral changes, depression, suicidal feelings and attempts, aggression, confusion, panic attacks and agitation, restlessness etc can increase dramatically after administering the drug. These changes must be immediately reported to the doctor.

Other serious side effects like blurred or tunnel vision, seizures, hallucinations, pain in eyes, palpitations, rashes, joint pains, swollen glands, concentration problem, confusions, skin irritation, fever, peeling or blistering of skin etc should immediately be reported to the doctor.

Other mild and common side effects may be, light skin itching and irritation, excessive sweating, headache, sore throat, lack of libido, dizziness and headache.

Where to get the drug

You can get the drug with prescription, or may search for wellbutrin generic name to get it online. The Wellbutrin online pharmacy is a good place to buy the drug at generic cost and you can avail discount. The price of the drug is comparatively lesser when you buy online, and this you may compare by talking to the local store and searching online. If you want to buy the drug without a prescription then you must go for the generic form of bupropion.

Summary: Wellbutrin is used to treat major depression and associated mood swings and behavioral disorders. The drug has some other positive effects like weight loss, libido enhancement etc, and also some potential side effects like convulsions.

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