Inbox by Gmail — Getting Started Guide

Inbox by Gmail is Google’s groundbreaking entry into changing how we use email. But so many have been hesitant to change their habits and thus resistant to the changes that come with Inbox by Gmail.
 This guide employs expert guidance on what Inbox is capable of, like how does Snoozing, Pinning, and Done-ing work.

Did you know that you can even easily reach the coveted Inbox Zero, EVERY SINGLE DAY? You can learn how easily with this guide. 
 This book has been written with the intention of being the most complete guide to all that Inbox by Gmail can do. The guide is simple to follow, with a clear organization and lots of images to making the transition to Inbox by Gmail much easier for everyone, young and old, techie or not. 
 In Snooze. Pin. Done. we will:
• Review the differences between Gmail & Inbox
• Grasp how to fully take advantage of Snoozing & Pinning Messages
• Discuss how Reminders are your Tasks
• Learn how “Bundles” compare to labels and filters
• Discuss new Answer Cards & Highlights
• Incorporate Inbox By Gmail into your Workflow
• Understand advanced settings that are available
• Bonus: Learn how to achieve “Inbox Zero” in 3 Simple Steps”

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