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Sean Griffin
Sep 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Diesel is joining the Rust impl period. Diesel 1.0 will be shipping this year, and we need your help to get there! If you’re interested in getting started, join the official working group Gitter channel, or check out the overview document!

By far the biggest thing we need help with is documentation. We have some new guides in the works, but the guides section of our website is still pretty barren. We also have a Github project set up to track things that need documenting, or guides we think would be worthwhile.

If you’re interested in working on a guide, but don’t know enough to write one, feel free to join the working group Gitter and ask questions! We’re happy to help! People who are new to the project are the most vital viewpoint for documentation. If you’re looking for something smaller, try running this script to find a piece of Diesel that needs API documentation. (or just sticking #![deny(missing_docs)] at the crate root, and picking something that looks interesting).

If you want something more technical, we still have several open issues on the 1.0 milestone. PRs for any open issue are always welcome, regardless of whether they’re on the milestone or not. However, issues tagged for 1.0 are things that we expect to require a breaking change, or things that we think will dramatically improve the new user experience.

Finally, we’re seeing an uptick in the number of pull request reviews, and we need more people to help with code review. Nearly every person who has been on the Diesel core team got started with the project by doing code review, and we’re happy to help you get up to speed with the codebase if you’re new. Feel free to join in on this issue if you’re interested.

While we want to ship Diesel 1.0 on November 23, it will be a large enough release to justify a beta version. To that end, our plan is to release 0.99.0 on November 1, which will effectively act as a beta for 1.0. However, there will be one major difference between the two versions. 1.0 will remove all deprecated code from the codebase. Given that master currently has more deprecations than any previous release, this is a big deal. We expect migration to be relatively painless, but we will likely support 0.99.x with bugfixes even after 1.0 to aid migration.

Diesel 1.0 will be a huge step both for the project, and for the community. We hope you will join us and be a part of it!

Sean Griffin

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